Monday, June 11, 2012

The fawns are here, the fawns are here!

Seeing the first new baby deer of the season is always so exciting.  Yesterday, as I was driving to meet a friend, I saw the first baby with it's mom just 1/3 mile from my driveway just down in the ditch by the stream.  What a beautiful little spotted creature.  We will start seeing more and more of them now at the tree line with their moms around dusk.  When they start to romp and play with each other, that is really an entertaining little show.

Big "kitty" excitement

Last Thursday night when my loyal friend Fiona, the herding dog, and I went out to the backyard for her final call of the day, the horses and mules were extremely riled up and just racing around the pasture.  They raced up into the woods, made a loop and came charging at full gallop down the fence line, into the small pasture and into the loafing shed.  Just after they made it into the shed, we heard the very loud cat scream.  

At that point Fiona looked up at me as if to say, 'I will just hold it for the night' and she did.  My guess is that "big kitty" was working on doing in it's prey and the horses were very upset and scared hearing this.  It is a great priviledge to live in the woods, but one must always respect that in the evening and night, the animal residents rule.
*attached image is example